YONKERS Yonkers!: A Story of Race and Redemption is the first book in the Yonkers series.

YONKERS Yonkers!

CookieColangelo is an unlikely heroine.  Being a good girl has gotten Cookie nowhere, so she’s become a small-time drug dealer, a troublemaker, and an indomitable force to reckon with, one who will take no prisoners as she cuts a mighty swath through the city of Yonkers. I’m a gangster, Cookie says to herself. And no one’s going to mess with me. Cookie is going down the wrong path until shy black boy Herman Lynch comes into her life. Born with a harelip, Herman Lynch is a black B-boy, a natural dancer, who has had no formal dance training. He lives near Slow Bomb, the Schlobohm Housing Projects. The other black boys don’t like Herman and think he’s not black enough. The Italian girls of Yonkers don’t like Cookie, saying she’s too white. Together, Cookie and Herman explore the heart of racial prejudice in working-class Yonkers circa 1969-71.

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